Roger Smith Biography

Where do I start when I am talking about myself.   I hate talking about myself.

My father was a veterinary virologist working for the British colonial service and my mother was a dancer.   My younger days were spent in Nigeria, and when I turned 6 I was sent off to boarding school (green-ways) to get me an education.   I commuted between England and Nigeria, three times a year until I was 10.   I had more frequent flier miles than most people, and I was really happy when Dad said “we are moving to Australia”

In Australia i went to apple-cross primary school and then onto Wesley collage (I wasn’t a very good student to the dismay of my parents) but I did just enough to get me into the senior service.

After 6 months in HMAS Cerberus and 3 months at HMAS Watson, I was a qualified SMNRP.    I was posted to HMAS Melbourne just in time to go to the spit head review for the queens silver jubilee.   I spent 3 years on the Melbourne before stuffing up badly, getting sent to Holsworthy and getting demoted.

I then went back to HMAS Cerberus and changed my rate to victualing.   I was then posted to HMAS Brisbane, HMAS Creswell and then onto garden Island in Western Australia.   From there I bounced between Garden Island and a number of ships stationed there, making my way up the ranks to petty officer.

In 1992 I returned to the supply school at HMAS Creswell as an instructor, and was tasked with building the first training course based on these new fangled computer things.   We were given 10 computers running windows 3.11 and a server based on Novell.   All networked together on a token ring network.


From there I never looked back when it came to computers.

Although I was having way to much fun I paid off from the Navy in July 1996 and accepted a job with a Western Australian company that was putting Point of Sale systems into Esso and BP service station in Malaysia.

That was a blast.

In 1999 just before the Y2K problems I resigned from my job in Malaysia and moved to Canberra.

I started working in Canberra with an ISP called Interact, who was later bought out by Asia on Line.   The work was focused on what is now a managed services model.   A monthly fee for computer support.    That lasted 3 years before Asia on line went into administration.   From there I moved to a small consulting company before they also went into administration.

So I decided I could do it better and started my own managed services company.   We were doing supremely well until a miscalculation, a government contract and an election nearly cost me everything.   I sold the company and the new owner promptly ran it into the ground.

I started R & I in July 2011 and focused on managed services and managed security.   In 2012 I completed my second book on cybercrime and I started talking to groups and individuals about cybersecurity.

I am happily married and have been since 1998, I have 3 sons, 1 step son and 1 step daughter.   My wife and step daughter works for the Australian Government and my step son work with me in R & I ICT Consulting Services Pty Ltd (he is the I).

My eldest two sons are working in hospitality, my youngest – who knows!