Roger Smith Biography

Where do I start when I am talking about myself.   I hate talking about myself.

Roger Smith is funny, scary, on point and is focused on one thing – increasing everyone’s awareness and understanding of the problems and issues associated with the digital or cyber world.

Roger is a veteran and an expert at creating and managing personal, digital and business security solutions for home users, SME’s and not-for-profit organisations.   He is focused on building them into more secure and resilient businesses.

Roger knows that the only way to defeat the cybercriminal, using the teachings of Sun Tzu, is to understand our enemy and how they target us.   To ensure that we, our organisations and / or our clients are not the low hanging fruit of the cyber world.

As well as his normal CEO activities for R & I ICT Consulting Services, Roger teaches at the Australian Defence Force Academy where he delivers the compulsory undergraduate course in cybersecurity.   This course is where the students learn, using hands on experience, how the cybercriminals work and how dangerous they can be.

Roger is a veteran of 32 years in the ICT space starting in the Australian Navy in 1982 and has 20 years in the business security space looking after SME’s in the Canberra area.

Roger is the author of the Amazon number one bestseller “Cybercrime, a clear and present danger” and has co-authored and written several articles for international publications including a chapter in the book Security 3.0.

Roger has won the prestigious cybersecurity educator of the year award for 2017 after being narrowly beaten in 2016 (a worldwide award) and has proven that education is an important process in protecting individuals, SME’s and not-for-profit organisations.

Roger is now working on his third book which will be titled “Sitting Duck to Moving Target”.

It is the process needed to ensure that SME’s can face a cyber event with minimal impact on the business using the NIST framework to create a more secure and resilient business environment.