Introduction to Roger Smith

Do you know how hard it is to sell cybersecurity?Amazon pic for letters

To sell the concept of cybersecurity?

To sell the concept of protection in the digital world?

Selling hardware and software is relatively easy because in today’s business world we need all this digital stuff to actually do business. Without the technology, the email, our social media, our CRM and our cloud based systems, our business and organisations no longer function, no longer bring in clients and no longer produce revenue.

So the newest cutting edge technology is what I need for my business, go out and get it for me!

Yes sir!

If you put a technology speaker in front of 100 people, you can see their eyes glaze over.

A technology speaker who is passionate about their product, or their niche, and forget that it is way too complicated for the everyday user will lose the audience very quickly.

Throw more acronyms around that I will not be able to remember, or more information that is not pertinent to my business, my organization or even my industry and half the audience will get up and go and make a coffee.

Another wasted 60 minutes that I will never get back.

So you can see why it is so hard to get people interested in digital security. You have to break through those technology glazed pupils and get to the brain behind the faces.


when you do,


Get a topic that is interesting, delivered by a brilliant speaker, designed to peak their interest, now we’re talking!

Then you see the lights go on!

Then you see the audience lean towards the speaker. Then you see connection – “he must be talking to me about my business”

This is what is needed. This is needed to get small and medium business owners, not for profit organization’s management and Organizations board members thinking about the risk associated with digital crime.

There is a darker and deeper part of the digital world, the part that most people ignore or plainly have never heard about. This area is where the cybercriminals lurk and plan their dastardly deeds against us normal people.

Like normal criminals, they are cunning, devious, patient and ruthless. They plan their heists with meticulous precision,

BUT they use weapons and tactics that the everyday user of the digital world does not know about, never mind understand.

To protect ourselves against the ordinary criminal we use locks and doors, alarms and man eating dogs. Those locks and doors are individually keyed, with special security features and hard to duplicate components (not impossible mind you), the alarms have specific codes and special algorithms, the man eating dogs, well they are just hungry!

What do we use to protect ourselves in the digital world?

We use the same username and password for our most basic requirements as well as our most prized possession. We get upset when the operating system bugs us to update it, we complain about how slow the anti virus makes the system when we are trying to work fast! We complain profusely when the system stops an email we considered very important.

We believe that we are immune to an attack. We are all to small or insignificant for the cybercriminal to target. We have nothing worth stealing. We treat our smart devices with contempt, the same computing power that put Neil Armstrong on the moon can now fit in the palm of your hand, and what do we do with it – take selfies of course!