Cybersecurity, We have to change, NOW!

Starting to feel like a broken record

Cybersecurity frustration, we have to change NOW

But, why do we have to change our attitude to cybersecurity?

“Kicking soap box along”

Sick of hearing and seeing the headlines?   Well you should be!

People do not believe that the cyber realm is a problem.

 The cyber world is here.  All around us!

And it is here to stay until its replacement comes around.

The realisation that our attitude to the cyber world has to change is our first step to understanding that we have an issue.

The digital world has made it easier for any organisation, especially small and medium business to enter any market.   They use the digital world to manage, manipulate and control data, to do business, to make a living.

The issue is our primary investment in the digital world is only thought about as a way to make money.

We make a minimal investment in security.   That minimal investment is seen at the personal and corporate level as well as the techological level from the manufacturers.

Hardware designers and software developers, in most cases, think in terms of time to market.

 This attitude is our downfall.   This attitude is our Achilles.

Until we make significant investment in protection, at the corporate, at the business, at the personal, more importantly, at the technological level, we will continue to be exposed to severe losses.

The last 20 years have shown that we know how to use a computer but we have limited understanding of what is really happening behind the screen.

We have demonstrably proof that a good hacker will not be seen when hacking a computer or a smart device like a phone or table.

They do not pop up on screens, they do not slow down the system, they have little impact on the underlying capability of the systems.

You maybe lucky enough to perceive a change or see something occur but for most, they are practically invisible in the real world.   If and when they get in they can decimate any system.

We are knee deep in technologically savvy humans, who understand how to use an application but fail to see or understand how the information is going from the app they are using to that nefarious place in the internet.

Don’t get me wrong, we all love the shiny new “insert technology here”, including me.   Very few of us take the time to actually look at what that app is doing.

What information is it recording, where is it stored and more importantly who has access to it.

We are already seeing the implementation of AI (artificial intelligence) and thinking it will be the be all and end all of security in the digital world.   Governments, scholars and enterprise are hedging their bets with AI or machine learning.

The true bad guys, the ones from nation states and cybercriminal organisations, are developing their own AI.

 AI v’s AI, what a way to go.   Hacking at the speed of light with humanity as the prize!

I find it fascinating that writers from the 70’s, like Stirling and Gibson, foresaw these issues, and many like them.   They were seen as far fetched.

In the light of today, how far fetched were they really.

We are starting to realise, some of marvels we have created, will have a detrimental effect on all man kind.

Do a quick google search for this (AI weaponized drone) and look at the first result.   Make sure little Johnny is not sitting next to you when you do it.

Is that where we are heading?

I don’t have the answers, and to tell you the truth, some of the questions are scary but need to be asked.

We do need to find some answers and soon.