How much of a Digital Security hack is your fault?

We all know the bad guys are out there!

Stealing our money, our intellectual property, our technology!

They use our social media information, our personal information, our mistakes against us.

We see it every day.

it’s just a part of the mind numbing bombardment of information that we receive every minute, every hour, every day from the digital world.

Because of the overwhelm of this information we have two alternatives, we ignore it or we have sleepless nights!

Most Pay it little notice in our everyday that is life.

Our attitude, our “she’ll be right” approach, our “it won’t happen to me” mindset are all hurting our ability to stay safe in the digital world.

This philosophy is hurting our defenses. It is making us an easier target of the digital criminal than we should be.

What would you rather do?

React to a hack!

Spend time and money repairing the damage.

Tell your clients, your friends it happened!

Fill in the government or industry forms and hope the fines are not going to cripple the organisation!

Or the alternative,

But What is the alternative?

become proactive!

Think about what the digital criminal may do and make it harder for them.

Put some defenses in place, some defensive strategies,

What are you going to do about it?

Well this lunch and learn on demand webinar may help.

Information about the fundamentals of digital protection.

What you can do as a proactive strategy against the persistence of the digital criminal.

January 12 2016 – 1200 – 1230 – Lunch and Learn – How much of a hack is your fault

Don’t want to go through the hassle of registering, this lunch and learn on how much of a hack is your fault will also be available as a google hangout and periscope.

Roger Smith is the CEO of R & I ICT Consulting Services, Amazon #1 selling author on Cybercrime, author of the Digital Security Toolbox and author of the SME Digital Security Framework.   Rapid Restart Appliance Creator.   He is a Speaker, Author, Teacher and Educator on cybercrime and how to protect yourself from the digital world.