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  • IMG_0395Why all organisations are targets of cybercrime and how to protect your business.
    • The cybercriminal is targeting any business that is connected to the digital world.   That includes you.   As Sun Tzu says "if you know your enemy then you can defeat him" The same is true about the cybercriminal.   When you understand who they are, what they are after and how they get in, then you can protect yourself.
  • Why your website is a target of cybercrime and how to protect against it.
    • 99% of the business world have a website, a blog, an intranet or a sales page.   Those areas are your digital real estate.   The digital criminal is after your real estate because he can target and infect others when they come to your web site.   How do you protect yourself and your website?   This will help!
  • Why your smart device is a target of cybercrime and what are they after.
    • We all have some type of digital device which we consider our prize possession.   This digital device, more powerful than the systems that put Neil on the moon are the primary targets of cybercriminals.   Learn how to protect yourself and your most prized possession.
  • What the cybercriminal is going to steal and how is he going to do it.
    • The digital world is infected with very clever people who are not their to be your friend.   They will steal from you, destroy your system and make it difficult to function in the digital world.   That is the first lesson in protecting yourself and your business.
  • Why there is no such thing as being too small to be a target.
    • I often hear CEO's, Managers and members of Boards of directors say "we are too small to be a target of Cybercrime".   There is no such thing as being to small, if you are connected to the digital world then you are a target.  photo 1
  • "It will never happen to me" is not good protection.
    • Ask the C Level executive of Sony Pictures, Ashley Madison, Target and Hacking Team how that worked out for them.   They are large multi nationals with access to the best technology and the best resources, but it still happened to them.   Learn how to protect yourself.
  • How to instill a culture of digital protection in your organisation (Law Society of NSW presentation)
    • People are one of the best defences that an organisation can have against cybercrime.   It can also be your weakest link.   Learn what you need to do to change your staff into Digital security Ninja's.
  • Learning the fundamentals of digital security (Rotary Presentation)
    • Like anything in today's world if you do not get the fundamentals correct then you have a good chance of failing.   A footballer would useless if he did not have the fundamental knowledge of how to kick a ball.   The fundamentals of digital security is the same!
  • Why penetration testing is critical to business security (Webinar)
    • To make sure that all of your protection systems are working and in place you need to find a way to test them in real time and the right way.

About Roger Smith

Roger Smith is funny, scary, on point and is focused on one thing - increasing everyone's awareness and understanding of the problems and issues associated with the digital or cyber world.

Roger is a veteran and an expert at creating and managing digital and business security solutions for small and medium businesses and not-for-profit organisations.   He is focused on building them into more secure and resilient businesses.

Roger knows that the only way to defeat the cybercriminal is to understand how they target us and to make sure that we, our organisations and / or our clients are not the low hanging fruit of the cyber world.

As well as his normal CEO activities for R & I ICT Consulting, Roger teaches at the Australian Defence Force Academy where he delivers the compulsory undergraduate course in cyber security.   This course is where the students learn, using hands on experience, how the cybercriminals work and how dangerous they can be.

Roger is a veteran of 32 years in the ICT space starting in the Navy in 1982 and has 20 years in the business security space.

Roger is the author of the Amazon number one bestseller "Cybercrime, a clear and present danger" and has co-authored and written several articles for international publications including a chapter in the book Security 3.0.

Roger has won the prestigious cyber security educator of the year award for 2017 (a worldwide award) and has proven that education is an important process in protecting individuals, small business and not-for-profit organisations.

Roger is now working on his third book which will be titled "Sitting Duck to Moving Target".

It is the process needed to ensure that SME's can face a cyber event with minimal impact on the business using the NIST framework to create a more secure business environment.

Roger Smith


“It’s a dark reality of the digital age: Every year, security breaches, privacy hacks, and other forms of cybercrime get more frequent, more ruthless, and more destructive.”


FBI Director

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“There is no such thing as being too small to be a target.

Everyone in the Digital World is a Target!”


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    Roger Smith: #infosec If you configure it wrong, they will blow it up! #CFO

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    Roger Smith: #infosec Just one defensive system will not protect you in the digital world.#smallbiz

  3. Roger Smith
    Roger Smith: #infosec Building a digital security framework around your organisation #CFO

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    Roger Smith: #infosec Digital Security in the age of mobility #SME

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Do you know how hard it is to sell cybersecurity?

To sell the concept of cybersecurity?

To sell the concept of protection in the digital world?


Where do I start when I am talking about myself. I hate talking about myself.

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To get the message that digital security is a problem for everyone we have to be creative.   




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What's your Digital Security I.Q.?

Quick—name one of the hackers who attacked Target. Or Sony Pictures, or Ashley Madison. You can't, because they've never been caught, let alone prosecuted and sent to jail. The same will probably be true of the next big hackers, and the next.

But we still think we're safe.

Most of us are pretty foolish when it comes to securing our assets from the digital world. We treat cybercrime like a joke, or think it will never happen to us. That's far from the truth.

When we do respond to the threat, we usually do so by throwing more technology at it.

This isn't working.

Right now the criminals are winning because digital crime is easy. We have to make it harder for the dedicated cybercriminal.

So how do we do that? By changing our attitude.

In his talks, Roger Smith details the surprising—and low-tech—ways that individuals and businesses can protect their digital assets:

Be paranoid. Paranoia isn't always a bad thing. When it comes to the digital world, assume everyone's out to get you—because someone probably is.

Be educated. Train yourself and your employees to recognize the ways hackers sneak past your defenses. Digital security needs to be embraced by everyone in a company, from the factory floor to the board room, from reception to management.

Be responsible. Your safety is YOUR responsibility. Your mother, boss, webmaster or antivirus software is not going to do it for you.

Be adaptable. Set and forget is so 2009. To stay safe, you need to keep evolving. There's no silver bullet or 100% secure system, and with cyber criminals getting cleverer, more focussed and more persistent, your security systems should, too.

Raise your cybercrime I.Q.

If you're looking for I.T. Security for Dummies, look elsewhere. Roger shows individuals, managers and business owners that being dumb when it comes to cyber security is far from inevitable. He shows you the concrete steps you can take to become smarter about your personal safety and your company's future.

"Here to stop Smart People from making DUMB mistakes in the Digital World"

Are you Looking for a Digital Security Expert for your next Event?

Roger is:

  • An Amazon #1 bestselling author
  • A business owner with 20 years of experience helping protect people from online crime
  • An experienced digital security keynote speaker who pulls no punches.

Roger Smith is on a mission to change the way we act online.

Rather than selling technological solutions, he offers businesses and individuals the tools they need—both technological and mental—to protect themselves in the digital world.

Roger Smith is the CEO of R & I ICT Consulting Services and author of the bestselling book Cybercrime: A Clear and Present Danger. He founded The SME Security Framework to help small businesses access first-class protection.

Roger is an entertaining and at times scary presenter who's focused on the culture of digital protection.

He will make your audience want to protect themselves from the crimes that happen in the digital world, while showing them that it can be done.

A down-to-earth person who has experienced cybercrime firsthand, he never thought in a thousand years he would talk about the experience to audiences.

He now lives and breathes it, and gets a real kick out of helping people so that they, their family, their business or their staff are not the next statistic of cybercrime.

He is regularly called on as a digital security speaker or to be interviewed by, or contribute to, a wide range of media in Australia and around the world.

Through his public speaking about digital security he has inspired and informed audiences of all backgrounds.

He would love the opportunity to speak to your audience about how to make themselves less vulnerable to an attack from the digital world.

Roger is a highly versatile digital security keynote speaker. He is as comfortable talking about the basics of protecting users from the dangers of the digital world as he is transitioning a board to a better culture of digital protection

Get the audience at your next event thinking about how they will protect themselves from the digital world.

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Excellent presentation - do you do presentations to young people?

Vero J   

Thanks again for your informative talk, I’ve already made a couple of changes to my security!


A commonsense and simple expose that was easy to follow. Offered particular advice for the layman. Thanks


Very Good, Thanks Roger, Very useful reminders


I am way behind!


Timely and useful


Anyone would benefit from this presentation, especially organisations with large client bases.


Finding out our systems can be vulnerable and what to do to protect those systems


Everyone would benefit from this presentation, because we all use technology professionally, socially or personally.


The understanding of Ethics, resilience and basic cybersecurity information was great


Listening to Roger, I was stunned at how exposed our business was to cybercrime. I thought that we had done everything right, we hadn't. Like everyone else we had a set and forget attitude. I now have the tools, resources and questions to ask of our managed service provider to ensure our organisation is more secure. Thanks Roger

Walt H   

Ahhh, Want to have yourself scared into changing your mind about cybercrime. What the bad guys are doing on the Internet is frightening! As a small business owner, the seminar has prompted me change our business culture. Just watch this space!

Michelle T   

We thought we were secure. We thought we had done everything right. I was skeptical about attending the digital security seminar but was told to go by my manager. I am so glad that I did. Well done Roger, you now have a convert.

Peter H